Amit Jain, Car Dekho

An IIT Delhi 1999 alumni, Amit Jain co-founded the Jaipur based IT outsourcing firm Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd. in 2007 along with his brother Anurag Jain, also an ex-IIT Delhi student. Following his visit to the auto expo of 2008, the idea of kicked off as the flagship portal of GirnarSoft.

Amit started his career with Trilogy, an Austin based company and due to his knowledge and expertise in the field of technology development, he moved up the ranks quickly to take on the role of Product Manager with the company. After spending 8 years with the company, his passion for innovation steered him towards starting his own venture, GirnarSoft. His decision of acquiring leading auto portals and brings the group company GirnarSoft another step closer to the goal of being a multi-billion dollar company before 2021. Amit’s zeal towards fostering entrepreneurship and creating products that create a superior consumer experience has led him to be an angel investor to various internet startups. He is also a regular speaker at Tie Events.