TiE Smash Up 2024 (8th Edition)
| Jaipur

Scale Beyond Boundaries

The startup ecosystem has emerged as a thriving and transformative force within the global economy, acting as a catalyst for innovation, job creation, and substantial economic growth. India proudly hosts the third-largest startup ecosystem, with 12–15% annual growth rates.

TiE Rajasthan revolutionised the startup ecosystem a decade ago with “TiE Smash Up,” where ideas captivated investors. It’s not just pitching; it’s an exhilarating unconference with wisdom from founders. It’s a symphony of ideas where dreams collide and greatness is born. Witness extraordinary ventures fueled by enthusiasm and guided by visionaries. Forge lifelong connections, tap into a network of trailblazers, and embrace Jaipur’s vibrant spirit.

The electrifying essence of TiE Smash Up 2023, where the theme “Scale Beyond Boundaries” empowers you to defy limits and let your dreams soar.

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Speed Dating
Speed Dating Funding 2023

Startup Name - Yes Madam
Sector – Wellness
Committed Funds -75 L
Committed by - Warmup Ventures

Established in 2016, India's leading Salon at Home operates in 30+ cities. Offering top-notch salon and wellness services at your doorstep, featuring skilled professionals and premium products for an exceptional experience.

Startup Name -
Sector – Mental Health
Committed Funds - $60000
Committed by - Ratanada Ventures

Strangify leads the way in transforming mental wellness, providing a confidential outlet for individuals to express thoughts and emotions through our advanced AI platform. We deliver personalized coping strategies, serving both B2B and B2C markets.

Startup Name - HeadFox Innovations Pvt. Ltd
Sector - IoT/Automobiles
Committed Funds - 50L
Committed by - RealTime Angel Fund

Offering intelligent Bluetooth Helmets with outstanding features such as wireless calls, music, navigation, built-in power bank, volume control, voice command, Chinstrap Sensor Locking, indicator lights, subwoofer, surrounding sound, and more.

Startup Name - Geezy (Boba Bhai)
Sector - Cloud Kitchen
Committed Funds - 50L
Committed by - WarmUp Ventures

Boba Bhai is revolutionizing the QSR scene with Bubble Tea and Korean Burgers, fueled by technology. Established 2.5 months ago, we've grown to 8+ locations in Bangalore, processing 10,000+ monthly orders. All our stores are EBITDA positive, and we've partnered with Prestige Group for tech park expansion. Founded by Dhruv Kohli, Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2023, a three-time startup founder with a track record of establishing 200+ Cloud Kitchens across 5 countries.

Startup Name - Cellverse Pvt. Ltd
Sector - HeathTech
Committed Funds - 50 L
Committed by - RealTime Angel Fund

Cellverse, a deep tech startup, pioneers advanced solutions for drug testing and screening, driving personalized medicine with multidisciplinary AI-guided Bioprinted Disease models. We design smart, non-invasive bio constructs for therapeutic use, aiming to revolutionize bioprinting and Cell Culture through proprietary automations and accessories.
Major Activities for TiE Smashup

Speed Dating

Startup speed dating accelerates pitch meetings between startups and diverse investors under one roof. It forges meaningful connections and offers immediate funding opportunities. This year's event involved 28 investors, 53 startups, and resulted in 1344 meetings, with five startups securing on-the-spot funding.


Embark on an inspiring journey as entrepreneurs share Tales of Triumph in Death Valley. Dive into a fearless exchange of feedback shaping your entrepreneurial destiny, with candid discussions offering valuable insights and lessons in navigating the landscape with courage and resilience.


Join, network, and propel your success! Connect with influential players who can turbocharge your business. Howdy, fellas! It's time to create magic and make things happen.

Whacky Pitch

Unlock your creative genius, instantly birthing innovative ideas. Let your brilliance shine as you mastermind and bring your extraordinary concepts to life!

Open Pitch

Rise and explore! Dream big, be it funding, co-founders, or your dream team. May the stars align to connect you with the ideal match for your startup's success!

Smasher Awards

Harness your pitching prowess and claim for the Smasher Award, celebrating entrepreneurial excellence. Showcase your business acumen and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.
Investors 2023
Speakers 2023

Igniting the stage with electrifying energy

Suraj Saharan


Pulkit Jain


Deena Jacob


Hemant Vishnoi


Jitendra Dhaka

[Bank Sathi]

Ajay Bohora

[HDFC Credila Financial Services]

Pradeep Yuvaraj


Embassy of Israel

[New Delhi]
Smashing Past Speakers

Igniting the stage with electrifying energy

Vijay Shekaher Sharma


Amit Jain

[Car Dekho]

Parikshit Dar

[Book My Show]

Dr. Dhawal Shah


Rahul Dash


Vineet Rao

[Deal Share]

Sanjay Agarwal

[Au Small Finance Bank]

Rehan Yar Khan

[Orios Ventures Partners]

Two jam packed days for Learning Networking, Mentoring, Open Pitches, Investor Speed Dating and a lot more…

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Who Should Attend

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Growth-Stage Startups

Investor Networks

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Corporate Professionals


Nishant Patni


Sharad Bansal


Puneet Mittal

[Chair - Screening Committee]

Vikram Ahuja

[Chair – On-spot Funding]

Sheenu Jhawar

[President TiE]

Ashim Bhasin

[Committee Member]

Dhiraj Vijayvargia

[Committee Member]

Girish Gupta

[Committee Member]

Kailash Gupta

[Committee Member]

Kshitij Jain

[Committee Member]

Mukesh Gupta

[Committee Member]

Munesh Jadoun

[Committee Member]

Nishant Jain

[Committee Member]

Prateek Jain

[Committee Member]

Rajendra Lora

[Committee Member]

Sandeep Jain

[Committee Member]

Sanjay Yadav

[Committee Member]

Smriti Tripathi

[Committee Member]

Shekhar Gattani

[Committee Member]

Bhawal Jain

[Head Admin]

Sonam Pareek

[Manager- Admin]

Shalini Singh

[Associate Director,TiE Rajasthan]